Your "In-House" Expert

Steve Abrams’ mission is to help small businesses make their marketing & sales efforts more effective, which will enable them to grow their business more significantly. With a unique background of direct experience and connections with all industrial sales channels, networks and structures, Steve is able to help businesses more effectively identify and pursue realistic opportunities they can more quickly succeed in winning.

Many company owners, or managers find a lack of marketing expertise available to them, that works to truly understand their company, their service, or even the targeted customer. Often, the agencies they use just provide “pretty pictures and graphics,” and “flowery” language. Those are nice, but they most often miss the mark at bringing in significant sales. A communications and messaging specialist, Steve assures the substance your customer wants to know about, is communicated.

Steve works with you, as a part of your management team. Whether handling a particular project, addressing a specific area of interest, or serving as an advisor, or coach, Steve brings the level of marketing and sales expertise required for you to make better decisions and to spend less money in the process.

The goal? Simple. To have our clients be able to feel and share… they made money by working with Steve Abrams Marketing.

We Specialize in...

> Establishing and explaining your brand clearly, and building market demand for it.

> Assuring that messaging about your products, services and core competencies are reaching your customers.

> Developing and maintaining a sales force and distributor network that cultivates opportunities that play to your strengths.

> Developing product launches that get the attention and interest of your selling network.

> Producing catalogs, brochures and web sites that persuade customers to take action.

> Making certain your portfolio and pricing are positioned effectively against the competition.

> Assuring that everyone who interacts with your customers is fully aligned with your strategies.