Branding Strategies & Marketing

> How well do you market your brand? Not your product...your brand?

> How well does your sales network market your brand?

> Does it matter?

YES! It matters a lot. And far more than you can imagine. Ask several customers for a single word or phrase that best describes your brand. Their answers will show you just how important it is.

Marketing a brand is quite different than marketing products. Some of the venues are the same, but the messaging and presentation go far beyond the literature or the advertising. It goes much deeper and wider, throughout the organization.

Who are we? How does the market see us? What makes us special? How do our customers benefit from working with us. What do we do for them? Where do we fit within their supplier base?

Most important… is the brand image we have in the marketplace, what we want it to be? If not, how do we get it there?

We supply much more than the products and services in our portfolio. And our best customers come back largely because of the importance our brand is to them.

I was always impressed with his ability to develop and execute practical go-to-market strategies that leveraged the resources that were in place. Steve had a strong personal sense of urgency and the ability to imbue the entire organization with the same sense of urgency

Understanding and positioning the brand, creating messaging that supports and reinforces it and developing and aligning proactive efforts that substantiate it’s positioning are absolutely within the core competency of Steve Abrams Marketing.