Business / Executive Coaching

> Who serves as your marketing sounding board?

> Do they have industry expertise?

> Do they know where you want to go and how to help you get there?

> Do they help you move faster toward your objectives?

Ever think about how many different coaches and trainers the top athletes use on an ongoing basis? Or what happens when the athlete decides to focus on adding a new dynamic to his talent? Athletes utilize such specialized coaching services, because it keeps them continually improving and targeting higher objectives. Business leaders benefit greatly when they do the same.

Simply “maintaining” isn’t good enough today. Competition is always catching up and the market constantly changes & evolves. Our management teams are often too absorbed in the “daily fires,” to see or understand the bigger picture. They also have their own areas of concern “departmental biases.”

Periodically, you have to step back and look at things from a broader, overall view. Programs, processes, people, objectives… often go off on their own, unconnected tangents. Steve’s coaching helps me re-connect and effectively integrate those elements.

An independent coach is able to see things from outside the “bubble.” His unencumbered perspective enables a far broader scope of understanding and potential. A coach can help the leader more effectively and more productively evaluate high level options, set company goals, determine initiatives and priorities, develop short and long term milestones and measure progress. He can also identify and address personality matters and conflicts within the company’s team that might inhibit productivity.

Steve Abrams is a trained professional business coach, who can help you move faster and further you toward achieving YOUR goals.