Communications Management

> Is the messaging from your company’s memos, e-mails and promotional materials aligned?

> Do they look, sound and express messaging like they even come from the same company?

> Do they work to generate interest from, or action by the recipient?

> What % of the “touches” you have with a given customer, come from you reaching out to them?

We hear a lot today about the importance of effective messaging. We’re also understanding more about how many different ways our messages can and do reach our audience. Memos, e-mails and texts, all on our behalf, are sent out by many different people in our company and from our sales network. Our websites, literature and presence on social media and online supplier guides carry our messaging as well.

Do they reinforce the messaging we want for our brand, or our company? Are they reasonably consistent and aligned? Do they proactively message our customers about our brand and our value? They could!

I never realized how differently my people presented the company. No wonder my customers didn’t see us, as I wanted them to. Coordinating and managing our communications has made a big, positive difference for us.

Coordinating and aligning communications with effective messaging has become an “art” today and a necessary component for business - every bit as much as it has for politics - especially with the limited audience attention typically received.

Steve Abrams Marketing has the expertise that can help you get “a hold of,” strategize and implement tactics that can make YOUR communications more effective, consistent and productive.