Internet Marketing & eCommerce

> Are you satisfied with the traffic toward your social media exposure?

> Are your posts relevant to your audience’s interests & needs?

> Are you generating an ongoing conversation with your followers?

> Is eCommerce right for you?

Brand positioning on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Xing and other networking venues, are more and more commonplace for metalworking suppliers. They can be extremely productive venues for generating new customers. However, it’s more often than not, owners and managers are greatly disappointed in the results of their efforts here. These venues need to be “worked.” They need to be “driven.” Too often, they’re not. Posts are sporadic, traffic is nearly non-existent and there’s very little connection to other proactive sales strategies.

Effective internet marketing incorporates and comprehensively integrates defined tactics and messaging. Visitors to a YouTube video are invited and linked to relevant posts and landing pages on other venues. SEO programs target defined audience profiles and link the visitor to relevant locations.

A relentless generator of ideas and highly customer focused, Steve’s "to the detail" approach always takes into consideration customer satisfaction and needs

eCommerce can be an option. Even B2B customers increasingly expect to have it available. It is certainly the fastest growing sales channels in the metalworking industry. But it’s not for all. eCommerce can be a complicated and strategic issue, if your sales network includes distribution channels. It also requires high level functionality. If it’s not easy, intuitive, fast and reliable, it can also turn off potential customers.

Overall, marketing on the internet includes marketing within a very “noisy” field. Customers are inundated with solicitous e-mail blasts, online ads and teaser pop-ups. And today, with the advent and growth of micro targeting, they’re even being reached in completely unrelated websites they visit. Getting attention from the desired prospects requires clever and strategic messaging. We have only seconds to work with and lots of other messaging hitting them at the same time.

Steve Abrams Marketing can help you create messaging, design marketing pieces and implement proactive strategies that can optimize the productivity and results available to you from online marketing.