Product & Service Marketing

> Does your product literature, website and advertising generate sufficient new customer response?

> How do you introduce a new product or service? Are you satisfied with the results?

> Do you want, or need to pursue a new customer segment? Do you know which are available?

> Are you looking to expand geographic penetration?

In today’s “quick click” environment, we have only seconds to catch a viewer’s attention and get him to act as we want. If we don’t… he clicks away, or files our printed literature in a very tall “I’ll get to it later” pile.

At the same time, our marketing needs to simultaneously educate both our user customers and our sales people, as to real value of our product. Some people will “try things” from pretty pictures and exciting graphics. But more people evaluate potential value and will more likely “commit” to and “repeat orders” to things they understand have it.

Most marketing agencies know how to make “pretty pictures” and “talk well” with flowery hyperbole. But they most often, DON’T know the product, or it’s value to the targeted user customer. So they often “miss the mark” and the proper message never gets to the target.

Steve [has a] unique talent to early identify market trends; develop comprehensive marketing strategy; open the door to new customers or opportunities and clearly present the company, the products and its value proposition

With over 35 years of direct experience marketing to the metalworking industry, especially to the cutting tool segment of that industry, your customers and selling networks are familiar territory. We know how to identify and message the value they’ll resonate with. And we know how to present and communicate it, so they’ll ACT! Whether an existing product or a new one… whether to a new prospect, or to an existing customer, smart and strategic messaging can make your marketing efforts far more effective.

Steve knows the end mill business better than anyone in the industry, is a pleasure to work with and sharp as a tack