Sales Network Development

> How are you doing in each of the individual market segments you serve? How about each of your trading areas?

> Are each of the individual product / service segments in your portfolio growing to your satisfaction?

> Are your “sellers” (company sales people, distributors, reps, etc.) the right ones for their market?

> Do your “re-sellers” reach all buyer types?

> Are you implementing strategies within all available sales channels?

> Are you well positioned and presented by effective “online-sellers?”

Too often, we focus on the overall picture and our larger customers. If the numbers look good from those two views, we’re happy and move on to other areas of our business. But looking only at the big picture leaves lots and lots of opportunity unpursued.

Breaking down, analyzing and monitoring the numbers geographically, by product / service segment and even by customer type, will often reveal unrecognized issues and opportunities that should and can be easily addressed. And they often represent in aggregate, substantial overall growth.

Steve has a bias for action and a great perception of customer needs. I could see that Steve's passion for his work and customers always came first

Another dynamic of the sales network and the channels within it, is that a “seller” reaches certain buyer types well, but leaves others pretty much “untouched.” Sometimes those untouched customers represent a substantial potential for new business, but need to be pursued by alternative venues or channels.

Effective sales networks are multi-channel and multi-dimensional. They need to be, because today’s customer buys from many different types of sources. And he chooses one, based on the particular circumstances and needs he has at that moment in time. Sales networks need to provide access from wherever the customer chooses to look.

Steve Abrams Marketing can help you create relevant and appropriate sales breakdowns and measurements. We can help you identify the issues and opportunities shown from the data and develop strategies and tactics to target them. And we can help you develop comprehensive sales networks to take fullest advantage of the available channels to your customer prospects.

Steve is an extraordinarily talented leader and a true strategic thinker. He is very creative, efficient, competent, and has an excellent rapport with people