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Strategic Planning & Positioning

> How do your customers position your product / service against your competitor’s? Same as you?

> Do your sales people position / present your product as you want them to?

> Are you growing your market share?

> Where do you want the company to be in 3 years? In 5? Is your team aligned on a path that will get you there?

We often get so entrenched in the daily operation of our business, putting out “fires” and addressing the “issues of the day,” that we lose sight of our medium and long term objectives. Instead of driving energies toward those objectives, the company just “coasts along” reacting to opportunities that happen to come their way.

Effective strategies need to be driven. They just don’t move on their own. They require detailed planning & tactics that move things forward on a defined path toward clearly stated, long term objectives. They also need metrics being regularly monitored to properly gauge progress. With those in place, progress moves much faster and much further!

Steve Abrams Marketing can help you define those long-term objectives and help you develop effective strategies and measurable tactics that move you productively up the path toward them.

Steve is a visionary, passionate, hardworking professional with extensive knowledge of the Industrial Distribution World in the Americas and with extraordinary experience and contacts in the Metalworking market of North America