Website Development

> Is your website proactively reaching out to customers and pulling in demand for your brand, products, or services?

> Is your website considered by your customers as helpful and meaningful in their ongoing activity with your company?

> Can your customers conduct business with you online? And do they?

> Does your website look “current” and functionally operate intuitively?

> Do the services available from your website, decrease the manhours required by your staff?

Every business has a website. But not all of them produce results to the ownership’s / manager’s satisfaction. Pretty pictures, faddish graphics and flowery content are nice. But by themselves, don’t really generate repeating traffic and engaged customers.

Very often, a company’s website is built only to respond to someone’s interest. Too often it’s just a place where people who want to know about you, or your products can check you, or them out. A website that you can use for proactive solicitation efforts is quite a different thing.

I was frustrated at the lack of action on my website, but then I learned from Steve how I could drive people there. The results...I’m getting more new customers

Effective B2B websites attract and engage customers. If they see what they like and it’s helpful and informative, they come back. If not...they move on. Effective websites are also productive vehicles used for outreach and development of new interest. Tactics with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), strategic links from other websites, direct e-blasts, etc. can be very productive in cultivating leads and transitioning them to sales.

Steve Abrams Marketing has the experience and the expertise – especially in the metalworking arena, where so many products are actually sold via distribution, that can help you

> Update, adapt and modify your website to improve its functionality and increase its marketing productivity.

> Create proactive structures, outreach and follow-up tactics designed to solicit new customers

> Re-write, re-phrase content to allow faster and more effective messaging

> Keep it fresh and interesting for repeat visitations

> Design, create and host a complete new website

> Monitor and analyze website traffic for SEO and target marketing efforts